Madalina Ghenea Lingerie Pictures Highlight the Umpteenth Million Super Hot Model Girlfriend for Leonardo DiCaprio

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Okay, we get it highly paid image experts, Leonardo DiCaprio just can't stop dating super amazingly hot models. An endless line that recently included Bar Refaeli, then Blake Lively, now Madalina Ghenea, the Romanian-born fashion model seen just looking all kinds of outrageously hot in her latest photoshoot for Lascana lingerie. Oh, he loves sports too. Sports and hot babes, that's all Leo can really think about. Maybe tools and trucks and drinking brewskis with his boys at the sports bar. One really does need to check in with his P.R. team  to get the latest news on just how super regular dude like Leo is.

I suppose the crafting of such tales is the downside to leading a public life in Hollywood where image trumps reality, the upside for Egotastic! readers of course is that Leo's carefully crafted love provides us with the basis for showing you even more hot actresses and models seen sneaking out of his hotel in the morning, always sneaking those models. Enjoy.

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