Ariana Grande Dangerously Sexy as 'Dangerous Woman'

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It's hard to imagine Ariana Grande being a danger to anything, unless you consider doughnuts left unattended in a shop. Or I suppose our prurient intentions. The petite minxy pop music diva indeed gets down and dirty in her latest music video, Dangerous Woman. It's an opportunity for her young fans to discuss how magical her auto-tuned voice is while her slightly older and more male of the species fans can discuss how magical her little hot body is as she touches herself all over in her lingerie to distract you from the song. It's working.

Ariana Grande is one of those TV starlet to pop music princesses that are so much in vogue these days. You must be pretty, have some sweet lady parts, and know how to dance the lambada and several other forbidden two-steps. Throw in some purple dark cast lights and heavy hints of sexuality and you have a music video perfect for drawing attention. I'm attending now, as it were. Ariana, keep up the good visuals. They are the better part of your music. More cat ears please. Less clothes. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Ariana Grande 'Dangerous Woman'

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