MTV Video Music Awards Sheer Red Carpet


Last night MTV aired its Video Music Awards and the hotties were out in full force. If there was a theme to the clothes that evening it was sheer outfits and plenty of skin showing. We start out with Kim Kardashian, who was accompanying her husband Kanye in a completely sheer black dress. You could pretty much see everything. Kim K never disappoints. You also had Nicki Minaj there and she was also wearing a sheer outfit you could see right through. Then again, this is Nicki Minaj we are talking about and I would expect nothing less. Britney Spears had her big comeback performance and it was all about the cleavage with her. She had on a dress that had a big opening in the front and gave us some of that famous Britney cleavage. Ariana Grande wanted us all to see her bare mid-riff while Heidi Klum showed her back. Then there was Hailey Baldwin who also wore a sheer outfit that gave us a peek at what lies beneath.

I don't know why MTV even has the Video Music Awards any more. They don't show videos. Ever. You watch music videos when they come out on YouTube or Vimeo. MTV is just a bunch of horrible reality shows. It's sad. I remember when MTV was awesome. 

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