Birthday Girl: Top 10 Pictures Proving Adriana Lima Is A Sexy Vampire


Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima could pass for twenty-years-old, but today she actually turns thirty-six, to which we can only ask "What's it like to turn into a bat and sleep in a coffin?" The bodytastic Lima has truly stopped the hands of time - a feat that has helped her become the longest-running Victoria's Secret Angel on the planet (eighteen years and counting!) With her luscious lips, dazzling blue eyes, and a body like only the Brazilians can achieve, it's no wonder that lingerie looks best on Lima.

Head to the gallery to see Adriana's sexiest moments, and let's pray that she continues to grace us with her mystifying mams for years to come. Oh, and for a terrifying but oddly gratifying near-nude video from this April, hop to the top of the page. 


Photo Credit: Instagram

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