Britney Spears Hits Us With Her Sextastic Dance Moves


Britney Spears has become a bit of an Instagram sensation over the past couple of years, and when she isn't flaunting her seriously toned body by the pool or showing off her infamous cleavage, she's sharing her sexy onstage dance moves. Most recently, the pop singer posted not one but two clips of her shimmying and shaking her moneymakers in a skin-tight outfit.

Spears' moves might not be as dramatic as they once were, but she'll continue to cause a commotion as long as she goes through the motions. Our favorite of the two videos depicts the blonde babe putting her moves to werk on a stripper pole. Or she might simply be holding onto it for support. Whatever the queen wants to do. Either way, Britney has never looked better, and we hope she continues to share all of her sextastic goodness on social media for years to come.


Photo Credit: Instagram 

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