Rita Ora Hit the City in Workout Walkaround Show Off Gear

The new trend for the loveliest of lovely ladies is the workout sports bras and tighter sweats, ironically requiring their male gazers in needs of looser sweats. Who knows exactly why women spend a small fortune on gym gear, but if this is the net effect, hot blondes like Rita Ora baring cleavage and midriff when not even at the gym, who's complaining? That's rhetorical. Nobody I care to know is.

Rita hit the big city in her athleisure wear, showing the results of her hours and hours a week of dedication to the female body faptastic. Come to think of it, I haven't seen her singing any time recently. Come to think of it, I'm okay with that. This heavenly boobtastic Siren need never lip-synch again and I could be forever amused and bemused by her sextastic form.

Who knew there'd come a day when the hot girls at the gym in their revealing outfits would also start wearing those things out for lunch or shopping trips? I mean, I prayed for this obviously. I just never thought it would come true. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Splash News

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