Handcuffed Bachelor Party Dwarf Gets It

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esteban-esposito - June 17, 2015

If you're complaining about your job, you've probably never met Ben Wilcox. Ben is a British dwarf whose regular gig is getting handcuffed to stumbling drunken fools for up to six hours on end as they celebrate their impending tying of the knot with grace and dignity. It's unclear what would move a person to kick off a wedding in this manner, but more than likely it's a severe drinking problem. Ben says he has to take a lot of guff but nothing has ever gone south, except when he loses his handcuff keys and is forced to accompany his subjects to the restroom. Waiting tables isn't that bad is it? Of course Ben makes $150 an hour. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride. And more than likely a few shots of Fireball. This isn't so bad. Don't get short with me buddy!

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