Meet The Sexy Dentist That’s Also An Instagram Model

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aldo-vallon - January 13, 2018

 What a time to be alive. It used to be that I would have to scour the yellow pages, making appointment after appointment, in order to find a dentist capable of giving me a root canal as well as a boner, but today it is easier than ever. With a woman like this taking a drill to my body I would not even need a local anesthetic. All of my blood would be rushing to my most precious of extremities, leaving the rest of me numb.

Every now and then I hear a story about some pervy dentist molesting his patients while they are knocked out from the nitrous, but if Marjan Nassiri was to do it to me I wouldn't even be mad, I would be honored. That would be a story I tell to my grandkids as a humble brag. I would be a little annoyed that she knocked me out beforehand, but in the end I would understand. If I was awake I would only end up muddling things up. 

I am serious about the dentists molesting people when they are unconscious. There are some sick freaks in this world. That is why my PSA for the week will be to always make sure your zipper is up and your pants are buttoned before getting into that chair. That way if they are undone when you wake up there won't be any doubt in your mind as to what happened. 





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