Phoebe Price Baring Body with Sophia Vegas Out Hollywood Way

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bill-swift - October 9, 2017

If you're willing to pay $19 for a dinner salad, you too could be hanging outside Hollywood restaurant hotspots seeing he the likes of ginger locked Phoebe Price sort of almost dressed, co-conspiring in exhibition with German model friend, Sophia Vegas. The pair likely out for more show-womanship than meal, mingling amidst the horde of paparazzi snapping photos as fast as their freelancing fingers can muster.

For her part, Phoebe wore essentially a bra and panties with something see-through like Saran-Wrap level cover over, along with red thigh high boots. For when you're going for the demure look. While Sophia opted for an equally boobtastic baring low cut top and a short skirt. You might qualify this fashion under the "obvious" category. I'm not sure any other category of fashion really matters. If Old Grandma Swift would've forbidden the girls in the family from wearing it out of the house, it's probably just about right.

If you're looking for the less expensive option I've discovered there's always a Jack-in-the-Box within walking distance of every multi-star celebrity hangout. Get two tacos for 99-cents and ogle for free. It's an evening you'll never forget, without breaking the bank, just your bobos. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid