Selma Blair Flashes Her Kitty On Instagram

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bill-swift - January 5, 2018

? and now, for something completely different...

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I can't say I know exactly why Selma Blair flashed her kitty knickers on social media, I can only, like the rest, stand and smile. Well, not stand so much as sit sheepishly and imagine petting that cat to a meowing purr. I don't know cats at all to be honest. So I kind of had trouble with that dirty analogy.

The sextastic never goes away in a fine female lady type. Like the Force in the veteran Jedi. When called upon, it's still the strongest in the universe, ready to topple the young bucks who might come to content. That's how Selma Blair rolls. No obvious signs of exhibitionism, then suddenly, when the world needs it most, blammo, flashing tabby cat panties. 

Selma, you seem like a fun gal. We should hang some time. You play kitty, I'll play lion tamer, and we'll re-create that classic moment where I daringly insert my head into your dangerous clutches. There. I do believe my crude metaphors are improving. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Instagram / Pacific Coast News 

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